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I'll be the first to admit that when I tell people that I make leather crafts for a living, the response is usually underwhelming. For the most part, people just say something like: "Oh... you mean wallets?" I guess it’s not much of a surprise that a lot of people conjure up the image of me stitching together wallets like a kid at summer camp, but it’s definitely a misconception about my work. Which is why I’m glad you’re reading this, because it means you want to know more about what I actually do and less about summer camp crafts!

Leather is a very versatile material, believe it or not. It can be used to make anything from jackets to seat covers and just about anything in between. Quality leather is great for fashion and fashion accessories, like belts or cases, because it’s sturdy, long-lasting, and looks pretty cool. I only work with quality leather because, let’s face it, the inferior stuff is just no good. Think about it: you wouldn't want to buy a pair of pants made from denim that ripped after two washings, would you? So you naturally wouldn’t want to buy a belt made from leather that is easily torn or scratched or is just plain weak. 

Some of the things I make with leather are: chair seats, cuffs, belts, wallets, cell phone cases, knife pouches, and even guitar straps! There’s really no limit to what I can make with leather, which is why I love working with it. It’s great to just sit and think up what I can offer to my customers next. Some people might think that working with leather is boring or that leather items are all the same—I can attest that this is definitely not true! Leather is exciting to work with because it can do just about anything! And my handcrafted leather items are all made from my own hard work and passion.

 Sure, there are store bought leather wallets you can buy down at the local mall. But they’re usually machine made, or mostly machine made, and don’t have that handcrafted feel to them. Something that I make myself is truly handcrafted and is not only made by expert hands, it’s unique! One thing I love to do when working with leather is create interesting designs, particularly on fashionable items like coin purses, wallets or guitar straps. Plain leather can look great on its own, but interesting designs really show up well on leather material. 

Like I’ve said, I love working with leather. The feel, the smell, and just the experience of creating useable items for people with my own hands and materials is something that is hard to explain if you’ve never made your own handicrafts. Being able to share my passion with the world is an amazing opportunity that I am always grateful for, which is why I’ve taken to selling some of my custom leather creations. Seeing people enjoying the end result of my work is the greatest reward!

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